Hello everyone this iRavenStorm

This is not something that I do cause I never thought of logging. However I will certainly try in learn by talk about myself and this blog goals. I would also like to state that my grammar isn’t the best, but I will get better at with every post.

I am rookie game designer and this is going to be about getting my foot in the door by talking about. My age is 22 and currently doing online class to transfer to another again. Video games that I have or had played a certain game which I will talk about every week and days. Also, when games are coming out will give my opinion of it.

There will be updates about what I am learn from website, video or practice my things from 3ds max, maya, blender, visual studio, and etc. I am currently unemployed which is about everyone. Looking for jobs is a extreme pain in my butt especially sense there is nothing where I could learn it. I get idea for game, but can never drawing or create it. The only thing I can do is picture in my mind or fantasies of it.

This is all I can say at the moment, but stay tune for more.

This is iR4v3nSt0rm sign off…..